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GTA San Andreas
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GTA San Andreas - Weapons

Nothing says pain quite like an old school double barreled shotgun sawed off well below legal limits. With only two shots between a rather lengthy reload, a gun really needs to make its mark to be worthwhile. And make its mark it does- on anyone within about 35° of where you're pointing! Of course this much spread makes the gun pretty much useless in any medium to long range situations, but up close it is a deadly sight to behold. And to make matters worse (for those on the other end that is), getting this bad boy up to the Hitman level allows you to use two at once, which subsequently allows for a rather rapid- and devastating- burst of four shells between reloads. It's also worth mentioning that the gun's small size means it's possible to run and gun with it like a pistol. Fun stuff.

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GTA San Andreas - Weapons

This is your typical long barreled pump-action shotgun. Best for use in close range situations, the shotgun delivers a powerful volley of buckshot which will knock an enemy on their ass with one good hit. Even with a not-so-direct-hit, the wide spread of projectiles can and will knock down or stop an enemy long enough to finish them off. While it's best used in close quarters, the length of the barrel allows it to remain somewhat effective at medium ranges as well. With continued practice and skill level upgrades, users will be able strafe faster with shotguns, move while firing, and their rate of fire will increase. Shotguns can be found in police cars parked (or driving) all about the state, so some nice firepower is always just a stolen car away.

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GTA San Andreas - Weapons

The rather generically named SMG is obviously based on the real life MP5. In case you've unfamiliar with it, the MP5 is considered by most to be the world's best submachine gun, and is often the weapon of choice for elite military units and police SWAT teams alike. Its stopping power, accuracy, and range put it nearly in the class of full sized assault rifles, while retaining the compact portability of a submachine gun. Likewise can be said of the one in the game, as it gives machine pistol-esque abilities such as drive-by's and ease of movement and strafing while shooting, along with deadly power and accuracy. This one's a bit bigger than the other guns in the slot, so you won't be getting dual-wielding at higher levels. But the sheer ferocity and accuracy of the weapon more than makes up the difference.

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GTA San Andreas - Weapons

The HUD icon looks like an Ingram MAC-11, but the in game model looks like a Micro Uzi. Whatever it is, this little thing packs a fiery punch. Overall, it works just the same as the Tec-9 (even sharing the same "machine pistol" stat), but somehow seems to fire a bit faster and more erratically. When using either these or the Tec's at Hitman level, be sure to bring plenty of ammo to keep up with the insane rate of fire.

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GTA San Andreas - Weapons

A longtime favorite of gang members on the streets of Los Santos, the Tec-9 is a relatively cheap firearm made with low-grade stamped metal. One of the more interesting new features is that the player can dual wield Tec-9s, evening up long odds in the middle of a gang fight, increasing your respect and power in the ‘hood. Once you’ve upgraded CJ’s weapon skill to the point where he can hold two weapons (Hitman skill level), all you need to do is find another weapon and he will automatically hold 2. All ammo between the guns is now shared, and reloading happens automatically. Rate of fire is effectively doubled, perfect for cases where you really want to kill someone—fast. *


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